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Potassium Phosphate Monobasic (Technical grade)mkp

Application grade: technical grade
Content: 99%(%)
Particle size: white powder(mesh)
CAS RN: 7778-77-0
Executive standard: HG2321-92
Brand: Junlin
Chemical formula: KH2PO4
Molecular weight: 136.09
Executive standard: HG2321-1992
Properties: white or colorless crystal, relative density is 2.338, melting point is 252.6°C, easily soluble in water, PH value of 1% aqueous solution is 4.5.
Uses: this product is mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industry and in producing metaphosphate.
Packing: woven bag lined with plastic, paper bag, PE bag, net weight 25kg. Keep in dry and well-ventilated place.
Technical index:

Number Technicalindex Technical grade food grade
1 Main content (KH2PO4)%≥ 99.0 99.0
2 Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)%≥ 51.50 51.50
3 Oxide (K2O)%≥ 34.0 34.0
4 PH value 4.4-4.8 4.4-4.8
5 Moisture %≤ 0.2 0.2
6 Heavy metal (Pb)%≤   0.001
7 Arsenic (As)%≤   0.0003
8 Fluorine (F)%≤   0.005
9 Water insoluble matter%≤ 0.10 0.10