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Sodium hexametaphosphate, technical grade

Application grade: technical grade
Content: 68(%)
Particle size: particle (mesh)
Executive standard: HG/T2519-2008
Brand: Junlin
Chemical formula: (NaPO3)6
Molecular weight: 611.82
Properties: white powder, specific gravity 2.484(20 degree), easily soluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents.
Uses: this product can be used in oilfield, papermaking, textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, leather, metallurgy, building material and other industries as water softener, buffer, flotation agent, dispersant, in food industry as additive, nutrient, and quality improver.

Product name Sodium hexametaphosphate Inspection report Qualified
Molecular formula (NaPO3)6 Molecular weight 611.82
Technical index Index
Appearance transparent flake or powder
Total phosphate(P2O5)% 68
Inactive phosphate(P2O5)% 7.5
Iron (Fe)% 0.05
PH value 5.8-7.3
Solubility Qualified
Fluorine (F) % 0.01
Water insoluble matter% 0.04
Degree of polymerization 9-21